• Lower East Side - 50ml
  • Amaretto - 20ml
  • Orange Bitters (or Juice) - Splash
  • Orange Zest - Garnish

It’s always a little dangerous to infiltrate the mafia family but keep a cool head and get the job done.

Inspired by the Francis Ford Coppola films, Lower East Side’s Godfather combines Lower East Side Blended Malt Scotch with Italian Amaretto alongside orange bitters.

Fill a glass with ice cubes, triangles or balls - preferably whole, not hollow. Discretely add the Lower East Side whilst humming the Gay Gordons. Add the Amaretto while speaking in horse, or rather hoarse tones, but keep your eye out for who’s watching. Splash over the orange bitters with no sudden movements. Zest an orange over the glass and garnish with a long slice of peel. Then breathe a sigh of relief.

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