The Borders Distillery is the first to return the tradition of distilling to the Scottish Borders since 1837.

This part of Scotland has a rich history and important heritage; abbeys and castles, battles and ballads, wars of independence, family feuds and reconciliations, brave outlaws and heroic, romantic tales. It is a region with scenic landscapes, sparkling rivers and gentle valleys, undulating hills and rocky, unspoilt coastlines. Scotland’s epic novelist, Sir Walter Scott, was inspired by its peaceful, revitalising locations and built his home here.

It is this character that the new distillery is dedicated to capturing: the passionate, vibrant, distinctive spirit of the Borders.

The distillery is in the heart of Hawick, in a landmark building that blends the old and new. The spirit of industry and enterprise of our hometown Hawick inspires our work. It has a famous legacy in manufacturing, where cashmere is king and tweed was invented. And provenance matters here, from the local livestock lovingly reared to the fresh seafood. It’s a creative, innovative and natural place for whisky to be distilled.

All our brands reflect the character of the Borders and our commitment to be true to the beauty of the landscapes, the vibrancy of its traditions and the passion of its people.

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